An important part of our mission is to provide health education to the communities we serve. Many of the health struggles that are faced by low-income individuals in Ghana are a result of a lack of knowledge.  Adequate health education can help empower individuals to live healthier and happier lives. During each of our service trips to Ghana, we hold seminars led by medical professionals in low-income communities. 

OKB Hope Foundation organized an informational seminar on 9-11 January, 2020 in the Ejisu community. Physicians educated the people through mass communication and screenings. Information was also propagated through the radio station to educate the locals. Hundreds of families were served from this event. 


Alongside health education, health screenings play an integral role in our organization. Health screenings are important because they help to identify at-risk patients and help them begin the process of prevention and provide them with the appropriate treatments. During each of our service trips we conduct free health screenings in low-income communities in Ghana.

OKB Hope Foundation has successfully served hundreds of families. During the January 2020 service trip, individuals in the Ejisu community were screened for major health issues like hypertension and diabetes, which are some of the leading causes of death in Ghana.