A visit to the Kayayei

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A visit to Kayayei

In August, 2019, OKB foundation donated over 150 pieces of mosquito repellents to the Kayayei girls who live in the Makola market.

Kayayei are young ladies who migrate from the Northern parts of Ghana to the South  in search of greener pastures with reasons such as family hardship, education, financial preparation, job search, among others.These girls work from 6am to 6pm carrying the goods of traders. They earn $4-$8 on a very good and nothing on a bad day. The money earned is spent buying food, paying rent, i.e, for those who live in kiosks and using other social amenities. They end up saving nothing after all these expenses.

OKB foundation saw they need to donate mosquito repellents to these people especially those who sleep at the open places in the market to prevent them from mosquito bite and consequently from contracting malaria which is the number one killer disease in Ghana.​